Logo Design & Branding

Designing logos is something I really enjoy - it is very intersting trying to figure out what symbols, colours, fonts, values best represent a given business and discovering the right 'feeling' and mood that is authentic - an expression that clearly represents a company or product I find this is an exciting challenge. Sometimes an idea is clear and relatively easy to define and other times it is quite a creative process to arrive at the right solution

Below are a cross section of some of the logos I have produced for clients

  • Arena Coaching: Logo

    arena coaching - logo - snapshot

    Corporate and personal business coaching service The idea for this logo was based on a photograph of an amphitheatre and was designed to be 'contemporary and formal to appeal to a business sensibility'

  • Bouquet Beautiful: Logo

    chichwell - logo - snapshot

    This logo was designed to convey subtle elegance for an online flower retailer

  • Jayendra Hanley (Yoga Teacher in Holland): Logo

    jayendra hanley - logo - snapshotThis logo was designed to be 'light, open and informal'

  • Chichwell Vintage Kitchenalia: Logo

    chichwell - logo - snapshotThis logo was designed to convey quality with a classical 'retro' style

  • Villa at Regal Palms Resort Florida: Logo & Branding

    chichwell - logo - snapshotThis logo was designed to convey the 'blue skies and sunny feel of florida'

  • Anna Ashby Yoga: Logo

    anna ashby yoga - logo - snapshotThis logo and colour scheme was designed for my wife Anna who teaches yoga She wanted a soft feminine feel to her website and logo

  • C & M Cars: Logo

    anna ashby yoga - logo - snapshotThis logo was designed for a company that specialises in providing chauffeured Rolls Royce Wedding Cars 'Elegant please'

  • Dragonfly Glastonbury: Logo

    dragonfly glastonbury - logo - snapshotDesigned for a Victorian bed & breakfast in Glastonbury 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh crossed with a new-age vibe'

  • Avni: Logo

    avni - logo - snapshotDesigned for a Berlin based fashion designer 'Simple classical and elegant'

  • HW Page Clockmakers: Logo

    h.w.page clockmaker - logo - snapshotTraditional watchmaker, clockmaker and jeweller

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any logo or branding projects you are considering, whatever stage you are at in the process, please give mea call (Michael) on 01455 340 348 or 07941 879102 or email using this link or request a callback