My Blurb

Michael Ashby - website designer - ZENsplash Zensplash is my business trading name.
My name is Michael Ashby and I like to think of myself as being 'visually creative'. In practice that means I produce websites, logos, graphic design stuff and videos as well as take photographs. I am based in Hartshill, Warwickshire in the UK.

I have many local clients, and with the flexible virtual world we now live in, I also have clients that are across the UK, Europe and the US.

If you choose Zensplash to produce your website, logo or video then you will be dealing directly with me. I try to be reachable and approachable and I like this way of doing business - I find the people who choose to use my services are people who prefer it this way too. I keep myself in a mode of constant learning to try and keep up with the fast moving world that we now have to navigate within.

I work on my own and provide a quality, personal service. If you think I may be able to help you with your project or have ideas that you would like to discuss, please give me a call on 01455 501 401or 07941 879102 or send a message.

I work from a large shed that I call my 'Beach Hut' - that not only sounds better than 'shed' and is how it looks inside (see pic below). Unlike most beach huts and very like most sheds, it is located at the bottom of my garden.

Michael's Office

My Background

I set up the business in 2001 after returning to the UK from the US where I spent 12 years working in and around the film business. I have a background in the Arts - I trained as an actor in London at ALRA and afterwards moved to Los Angeles. After some limited success in front of the camera (One principal role in a feature film - Picture Bride, Miramax) I ended up in Hawaii, where I gravitated more towards working behind the camera in the Art Department. I worked on dozens of commercials for many top-drawer American production companies as well as Japanese production companies doing Art Department stuff - Sets and Props mostly - I also worked as a Grip and a Location Manager. Of the many commercials I worked on in Hawaii and LA, the most notable campaigns were for; Levis Strauss, Nivea, Coors Beer, Bank of Hawaii, Volkswagen, TK Maxx, along with many others. I moved back to LA and then went on to live and work in New York where I was located upstate for five years working for a global, non-profit organisation who offered meditation seminars across the world. During my five years in New York I created video graphics for global satellite broadcasts and was a camera operator during the satellite broadcast events. I got a lot of inspiration for how I wanted to approach life and business from my time in NY.

When I produce websites, logos and video I like to use all of the skills that I have learned along the way. I like to make an honest attempt to achieve the best possible results with my abilities and I like to take an interest in all types of business and the people who run them.

I like to have a good rapport with my clients and those I come into contact with. It's not 'just work' for me - being creative and enjoying work is an important part of my life and although business friends are not personal friends, why not make doing business friendly?

Why 'zensplash'?

I like the idea of the mix...paradoxical qualities such as, 'Zen' and 'splash'.

Zen: Elegant, Uncluttered - Simple, Clear, Conscious, Organised and Purposeful.
Splash: Conspicuous display. A mark or spot.

My own personal approach to design and the ideas and goals I try to foster are to attempt to produce well thought-out, elegant, effective solutions that are an authentic expression of each business or organisation. Where possible, I believe simple is best. I build websites to recognised international web standards, that use accessibility guidelines and I build websites from scratch - each website I produce is uniquely tailored to suit the individual needs of the business or organisation. (see examples)

I like the challenge that comes with discovering and conveying the 'right' message for any given company or organisation. The web is a powerful visual medium and a well planned, search-engine friendly website can add value and credibility to a business.

I appreciate straight forward communications and it is my goal to work in this way to produce the right results for my clients.

No matter what stage you are at with your idea, please call me anytime for a chat on 02476 396835 or 07941 879102, send a message