A Web Design Process

Q: How long will it take to produce a website?

If your (approximate) content has been thought through and is ready and organised to go and that there is someone available and able to communicate quickly to 'sign off' and relay requested changes, it will take somewhere around three weeks to complete an average brochure site , which is what I mostly produce Oftentimes projects are held up because content is not ready - This is the biggest stumbling block to finishing a website It takes time and energy to get it together and this will require a commitment on your behalf and a realistic idea of what is involved I can rewrite content and edit if I need to but you will need to take some time to compile basic content

Q: What will I need to do to get started and how will the process unfold?

A: To get started it is a good idea to arrange a face to face meeting, if at all practical - this is not essential but can be helpful if you are located within a reasonable travelling distance Be on the lookout for website's that you think work well and even for ones that you don't like or think work well Look at what your competitors are doing Are there usueful ideas that may be adapted? Any ideas that can help you to define what is it that need and want will help in the process

If you decide to go ahead and use my services then you will be sent an outline of exactly what will be provided along with Terms and Conditions that you will need to look at and confirm that you have read and agree with them A deposit of 50% of the overall estimated costs will then be required to begin the work Once the structure, 'design direction' and layout of the site is determined and agreed upon the early ideas will be posted to a web page that you can access This back and forth process will bring the site to it's completion Once the site is ready it will be uploaded to your registered domain and then a few small technical details will be completed (For thise interested in technical things, an XML sitemap will be added) and then I will submit the site to search engines - (Google, MSN and Yahoo)NOTE: It is not possible to guarantee that a search engine will accept any website into it's index although all the website's are made correctly and there has never been an instance where a website has not been accepted It may take some time to start showing up in web searches See question listed below for further details on the time it takes

Q: What are the ongoing costs?

Once the site is up and running the ongoing costs are: hosting fees, domain fees and any maintenance fees (for keeping your site updated)
Hosting & Backup fees
are due yearly and is akin to paying the 'rent' for the (virtual) space that your site occupies.
I offer hosting packages from a very reliable and secure UK-based company and cloud backup service for all database-driven sites for easy restoration if errors occur.

Depending on the size of your site Hosting fees will vary. On average for small businesses it will be around £90-120 including backup. For sites that anticipate very large transfers of data, or have a very large number of pages Hosting fees will be on a case by case basis and agreed beforehand.
Domain fees are for the rights to the actual name and are usually paid every 2 years but can be purchased for longer terms in some instances Domain fees: com, net, org 's cost £40 for 2 years registration UK domains (co.uk, org.uk) are initially cheaper for the first two years then are approximately the same I can regsiter a domain for you or talk you through registering it yourself - there are advantages to registering the domain yourself in that you retain control of the domain I am also happy to administer the domain for you It's your choice

Please feel free to give me a call if you want a sounding board for discussing your ideas or options: 02476 396835 or 07941 879102

Q: What are Google Analytics?

Google Analytics are detailed usage reports These provide statistics that enable you to see clearly how your site is being used and whether your advertising campaigns are working for you Reports are PDF docs that arrive in an email and can be generated daily, weekly or monthly - whatever suits you best

Q: What exactly does Search-Engine Friendly mean?

A search engine-friendly website is designed from the 'bottom up' with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind 'Keywords', the words that best describe what you offer or more importantly, the words and terms that your potential customers will be looking for are researched and used throughout your text content All of the key search engine 'cues' are optimised as well - headings, page titles, images, links & page names On completion your site will be submitted to the main search engines; Google, Yahoo and Bing

Q: How long will it take for my website to show up in search engines?

Google, Yahoo and Bing! can take some time to get listed although setting up a website properly using things called XML sitemaps and using Google Webmaster Tools can speed up the process There is some circumstantial evidence around that it is possible with Google to speed this process up further by setting up a Google Adwords or PPC account (see below for explanation of PPC) This is fee based advertising through Google and may help prompt faster inclusion in Google's index This will not have any impact on where your website shows up in the 'organic' rankings or help your website's organic ranking in any way

Q: What is Google Pay Per Click (PPC) and how does it work?

Google Pay Per Click (PPC) is Google's paid for advertising that you will have seen positioned sometimes above the 'organic' listings and often to the right hand side of the 'organic' listings PPC campaigns are quite complex to set up but can 'jumpstart' a website's ability to attract potential customers by getting into the zone on the page where the link will be noticed